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Sister Alley Gations

Vodka is for breaking, rules are for drinking.


One of the party sisters in the house, my name is Sister Alley Gations and I like to have a good time! You can catch me bar hoping around DFW making people laugh and being my authentic self.


I like free stuff, mini dresses and showing off my hairy legs. A simple sister that likes the finer things in life like 2-for-1 coupons and early bird specials!

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Big Sister

Sister Lawna Jaqui


Sister Gyna Love


January 14, 2018


I’ve experienced loneliness and hopelessness and it sucks. Through my years of volunteering in the gay community I’ve seen a lot and helped a lot. Becoming a sister was not an easy choice but it has proven to be one the best decisions of my life. I harp on the anonymity of my journey to help others without being judged for who I am in my secular form.


My calling to be a sister comes from doing the right thing and helping my fellow brothers and sisters from all walks of life. No one should feel alone or hopeless.


My ministry is simple, I want everyone to feel included, heard and seen. Whether it’s asking how your day was or taking a picture with you, I want everyone to have a good time!


Little Sisters

Postulant Patty O'Furniture


Nun so far…

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