The Last Supper by Max Koo

The DFW Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence Application Form

As a non-profit it is important to understand that we raise money for the community and not for ourselves. Therefore, we are responsible for our own costs as individuals. Some of these costs include:

Time: It is a time commitment to join our organization. We have the requirement of at least one meeting a month and one manifestation a month. You are always welcome to manifest more if you want.
Energy: As Sisters, we do a lot of work for the community and sometimes it can mean long hours where you may feel physically and emotionally drained.
Transportation: You are responsible for securing safe and reliable transportation to and from meetings and events. For some, that means they have a car and others it means they uber, etc. Junior members can not take public transportation to or from an event while "in habit" they must meet at an FP member's home and change into/out of street clothes.