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Sister Ginger Neutral

Creativity and Inclusion Fill My Juice Box!

I am a proud dad, grandpa, guncle and great guncle. You can often find me deep in the woods of east Texas foraging flowers, herbs, and mushrooms, or in the city emcee’ing many of our events!

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Big Brother

Guard Knot Karen


Sister Gyna Love


Dec 8, 2019


I have a desire to help those in need, and a huge passion for drag. The Sisters are a fusion of both, and an outlet to let my creativity take flight while doing good for my community, which I hold near and dear to my heart. Being a Sister has taught me many things: to love harder, forgive faster, live authentically, and most of all to spread JOY whenever and wherever I can. Our existence as queers is an act of activism in itself, and I’m here to fight for our rights, henny! It is truly an honor to be a part of an organization that is making waves, and making history.


Little Sisters

Guard Ty Dai, Novice Goodyn Hoarnay


Nun so far...

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