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Sister Alexandra ShiBaraKu

Blending the black and white and the g[r]ay areas of life.


A one person riot; you and your silver tongue. Adept minutiae obsessor, progressive power symphonic meta head. Trivial historophile.​

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Big Sister

Vera SaTile


Lola Hangers


May 4, 2024


My journey started with meeting my mother for the first time in summer of 2017 at the then Dallas Eagle; I hadn’t ever heard or seen the Sisters before but I heard her give a bliss kit demo to an Australian flight crew member who had never heard and or seen them either. A few years later I befriended another fellow member of the house who was on sabbatical from their journey. I read a copy of their PPMs and it sounded interesting so I decided to attend a meeting; I then declared my desire to become an aspirant and my journey began in October of 2022. 


Little Sisters

Nun so far...


Nun so far...

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