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Sister Amanda Holden Tucke

Be kind, Be courageous, above all, be genuine.


Relish in the sunlight, you too, deserve it. Be the guiding light to others, you needed in the darkness. 


Sister Amanda demonstrates her love courageously by extending her hand to those alike, and those that are unique. She embraces the little things that are overlooked by so many. She understands the difference that a smile can make in an individuals life. Sister Amanda has a nurturing spirit that others have enjoyed and embraced, she understands what it means to be heard and be seen. Sister Amanda loves to smile above all she loves to laugh, if you don't catch her dancing the night away at the local dance hall, you most definitely catch her doing what she does best, living her best life ferociously, unapologetically.


P.S. Amanda loves hugs, if you see her out and about, don't be a stranger, you won't regret it.

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Big Brother

Guard Ty Dai


Sister Adorah Buljé


April 14, 2024


Dearest Darlings,


When you begin to live, like really live the life you want. You realize, looking back, the hate that you subjected your entire existence to was based on biased ideology that no longer has a place in any capacity in today's community. 


My journey has been and continues to be dedicated by proxy to the individual that feels unseen, unheard, unwanted, unworthy and most of all unloved. I understand all of those feelings, because I experience all of those feelings and yearn to belong each and every day. I promised myself to hold my head high and be the pillar of hope to those individuals that need a hand to hold in times of darkness and to never forget that we all deserve to be seen, heard, wanted, and LOVED. 


I do not define my present or my future based on my past, my heritage, my culture, my preferences or my physical appearance. I define it by creating a space where I can be unique, and where individuals are not scared to be themselves. Embracing differences is not compromising to one's worth or preferences. It allows you to see all of the colors of the rainbow. 


We all matter.


May I continue to bless, bliss and nurture for many years to come.




Sister Amanda Holden Tucke

Keeper of Hugs and Kisses


Little Sisters

Nun so far...


Nun so far...

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