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Our Beloved Saints

A Saint is a layperson whose life and accomplishments are in keeping with the Order’s philosophy and mission. They have gone above and beyond in their service to the community.


Saint Barracuda, Queen of the B-List

Patti Le Plae Safe a.k.a Rodd Gray

Patti Le Plae Safe a.k.a Rodd Gray, entertainer. The man behind the woah-man, Patti Le Plae Safe is truly a remarkable multi-faceted person and talent. A decorated and disabled US Air Force veteran, Gray works locally where, Patti performs and emcees coast to coast. When Gray moved to Dallas in 1985, he began working as a volunteer at the Center. Gray and Patti are known for their dedicated service to HIV/AIDS organizations, working on various local boards of directors including Resource Center in the early years. Gray’s most important accomplishment is his creation of Home for the Holidays Texas, Inc., a charitable organization that sends persons living with AIDS home to be with their family at any time of the year. Currently, Patti hosts the Viva Dallas Burlesque shows and is the only female impersonator to do so. She also proudly serves as a co-host of the Center’s own world renowned creation, GAYBINGO.

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