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Our Beloved Saints

A Saint is a layperson whose life and accomplishments are in keeping with the Order’s philosophy and mission. They have gone above and beyond in their service to the community.


Saint Ken Yu Repeedat

Jeffrey Payne-Saragoca

effrey Payne says he learned two great life lessons from the women who raised him in a Louisiana orphanage. No. 1, from Ms. Lonnie: Bacon grease makes everything taste good. No. 2, from Ms. Peggy: It's not what you get out of life, it's what you give back." "I didn't have the luxury of a silver spoon life," Payne told The Dallas Morning News. "I have the ability to have empathy and show sympathy. Texas has been good to me."

Payne's biggest lesson, perhaps, is one he learned from himself. The 50-year-old businessman's life has been defined by overcoming obstacles, from an orphanage and foster care to surviving Hurricane Katrina and overcoming odds to develop successful businesses.

In 2005 Katrina struck, and Payne was forced to relocate to Dallas with two dogs and $2,000 in the bank. In Dallas he started a court-reporting business and bought into a nightclub that he now owns outright. He also opened a men's clothing store and is a philanthropist. In 2009 he became International Mister Leather, winning the competition of men who like to dress in provocative leather garments.

"I like to wear leather and I like to ride my bike," Payne told a Bedford group. "I'll remind you, the last governor to put on leather and sit on a Harley and put herself on the cover of Texas Monthly was Ann Richards. The only difference is she wore white leather. I wear black leather."

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