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Our Beloved Saints

A Saint is a layperson whose life and accomplishments are in keeping with the Order’s philosophy and mission. They have gone above and beyond in their service to the community.


Saint WhoJu Callina Slut, Patron Saint of Hidden Doors, Perseverance, & Bar Whores

Messy Panocha

In 2003, there was a great awakening in Dallas, her name was Messy Panocha which culturally translates to Messy "Pussy." Never has Dallas ever experienced  this kind of lady no, not camp but very HIGH CAMP. She is famous for her outrageous wigs, makeup, glitter, and artistic flair, there is no style when it comes to Messy. Messy has performed in front of literally hundreds of folks. She holds titles such as Miss Dragon Lady of the Realm, Miss Leo 2004, Miss Golden Girl 2007, Miss Firecracker 2007, Miss T-Bear 2003, Miss Ho-N One, Miss Charity America second runner up 2007, and Empress 38 of the United Court of the Lone Star Empire. She remains one of the most requested entertainers throughout the year and continues to support the LGBTQ community out of a deep and abiding love and respect for those who have gone before their time.

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