Our Beloved Saints

A Saint is a layperson whose life and accomplishments are in keeping with the Order’s philosophy and mission. They have gone above and beyond in their service to the community.


Saint Barracuda, Queen of the B-List

Saint Barracuda, Queen of the B-List

Patti Le Plae Safe a.k.a Rodd Gray, entertainer. The man behind the woah-man, Patti Le Plae Safe is truly a remarkable multi-faceted person and talent. A decorated and disabled US Air Force veteran, Gray works locally where, Patti performs and emcees coast to coast. When Gray moved to Dallas in 1985, he began working as a volunteer at the Center. Gray and Patti are known for their dedicated service to HIV/AIDS organizations, working on various local boards of directors including Resource Center in the early years. Gray’s most important accomplishment is his creation of Home for the Holidays Texas, Inc., a charitable organization that sends persons living with AIDS home to be with their family at any time of the year. Currently, Patti hosts the Viva Dallas Burlesque shows and is the only female impersonator to do so. She also proudly serves as a co-host of the Center’s own world renowned creation, GAYBINGO.


Saint B. Tim Harder

Wayne Davis

Davis is the 2019-2020 president of the Dallas Bears, but over the years he has been the organization’s treasurer, its vice president and its secretary. His Leadership has been instrumental in growing TBRU to the event that it is today.

He has also been a member of the Worship Team for the Metropolitan Community Church denomination and is once again coordinating participants and volunteers for the denomination’s upcoming General Conference in Victoria, British Columbia.

Davis is the current secretary/treasurer for International LeatherSIR and a member of that organization’s board of directors. He is events director for Dallas Eagle, and is proud to have been placed in sainthood by the DFW Sisters as Saint B. Tim Harder. Known to his friends as ‘Wally’, Wayne is the backbone of the Dallas Bears.


Saint Annie Causelldo, Indiscriminate Pusher of Boundaries

Shegotta Mustache

A humanitarian and entertainer Greg Smith a.k.a. SheGotta Mustache lost his hard fought battle with cancer on October 30, 2011. Greg was one of the most unique individuals  with a sense of humor unrivaled. SheGotta Mustache came to Austin dozens of times from Dallas to help the ...Austin Babtist Women raise much needed funds for our community. Even when Greg was undergoing some of his most intense therapy and treatment for his cancer he still came to Austin and put Miss SheGotta out there on stage to raise money and make people laugh. That my friend is love and dedication driven by a heart as big as TEXAS.


Saint Whipple, Gatherer of Quilted Absorbency

Spanke Studer

Studer was active in many organizations including Dallas Bears, and was perhaps most well-known for his twice-a-year toilet paper parties through which he gathered donations of toiletries and necessary items to donate to residents at AIDS Services of Dallas.


Donnasaurus Rex, Oldest Living Drag Queen in Captivity

Donna Dumae

A 5th generation Texan, born and raised in Ft Worth, Texas.  Donna Dumae was “born” in 1984 from a dare. Several years of entertaining led to becoming a member of the Imperial Court de Ft Worth/Arlington and in 1989 Donna was elected “Empress XI”. 

In 1994 Donna moved to Dallas for work and became a member of the United Court of the Lone Star Empire, the Court of Dallas, Texas and in 1998 was elected “Empress XXIII”. Donna served on the Board of Directors for many years and then served in the International Court System Board for another 5 years. 

Never forgetting the Community, Donna has continued to raise money for the Gay Community. 


Saint Scruffy Beats, Keeper of the Tunes

Crail Bench

My style of sets/music would be best labeled as "Screaming Diva's!". :-) It's a mix of high energy, fun mixes and full vocals to satisfy the wanna be song sirens in us all. I definitely have a passion to create that feeling of anticipation and buildup on the dance floor to where your whole body feels like it's about to explode and when that "one" beat finally drops, you loose. your. sh*t! "C-Rail is good at mixing popular, current radio friendly tracks with older club thumpers that brings us back to the days of our youth!" - GayDays Orlando
C-Rail and his husband reside in Austin, TX with their pug pug Lulu and Squeaks the tabby cat. You can find C-Rail DJing charity Beargasm Parties at The Iron Bear in downtown Austin and a monthly residence at the Dallas Eagle for Diva Nights.
C-Rail was honored by the DFW Sisters by making him a Saint of the Order as "DJ Scruffy Beats - Keeper of the Tunes" and is actively involved with their events in Dallas as well as other Houses across the nation.


Saint Bettie Crocker, Keeper of the Original Indulgence & Protector of the Shitty Kitty

Candace Moore

Bio Coming Soon


Saint Aequalis, Protector of the Community

Rafael McDonnell

Rafael McDonnell is the Communications and Advocacy Manager for Resource Center, the LGBTQ community center serving North Texas. At the Center, he works on external communications as well as education, advocacy and policy issues involving the LGBTQA community. Since June 2010, he has successfully participated in or led community advocacy for new or expanded LGBTQ employment protections for over 50,000 public sector employees in North Texas, as well as partner benefits at both Dallas County and Dallas Area Rapid Transit. 

McDonnell has also worked on and advocated for anti-bullying and non-discrimination policies covering more than a quarter-million students at Dallas ISD, Dallas County Community Colleges and Uplift Education. He was chosen to be the one of the grand marshals for the 2014 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade, better known as the Dallas Pride Parade. In March 2015, he was named “Best LGBT Community Leader” by the readers of the Dallas Voice. In June 2016, he was among six people recognized by the City of Dallas’ LGBTQ Task Force with the Spirit of Equality Leadership Award as part of their work with “Take Back Oak Lawn,” a grassroots effort to improve safety and security in the Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs area following a wave of attacks in late 2015. In 2017, the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce honored him with the Extra Mile Community Service Award and the Dallas Tavern Guild recognized him with their annual Humanitarian Award. The Texas Diversity Council honored McDonnell with their Greater Dallas LGBT-Allies Leadership Award in 2018.

McDonnell has conducted presentations on non-discrimination and other LGBTQ issues at the Texas Transgender Non-Discrimination Summit, the Texas Gay-Straight Alliance, the Equality Texas’ State of the State Public Policy Conference, the Stonewall Democrats of Texas annual meeting, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s annual Creating Change conference among others.


Saint Hairetic, Protector of Go-Go Boys and Keeper of the Covered Casserole

Lipps Larue

Ex Show girl and current co-chair of the Ladies Auxillary and Judgement committe with my friend Gladys Mae Everclear.


Saint Papyrus, Keeper of the Scrolls

Volunteer Supervisor

Phil Johnson is often quoted as saying, “How can we have a future if we do not know our past?” Johnson founded the Dallas Gay Historic Archives. The collection was initially housed in his home. The Archive became part of the AIDS Resource Center (now known as Resource Center) in 1994. The oldest materials in Johnson’s collection are early “muscle building” and physique journals from the 1930s.

Johnson was a founding member of the first gay organization in Dallas, the Circle of Friends, in 1965. The Circle of Friends worked with straight allies to prevent harassment and discrimination. Non-gay ministers working with the Circle of Friends provided protection for members. It was illegal to be openly homosexual until 2003, and a person could be sent to prison for 15 years for being gay. Johnson also founded Dallas’ first gay pride parade, held in downtown Dallas in 1972. It would be nine more years before parades would be regularly held.

Johnson is an accomplished dancer, swimmer and writer. He was a member and organizer of Cheer Dallas, the Trinity River Aquatic Club (TRAC) and Team Dallas, a group which participated in the Gay Games. He has participated in the Gay Games as a swimmer and won several gold medals. Johnson was also a frequent contributor to the magazine “This Week in Texas.”


Saint Brother Goose, Keeper of the Wee LGBT

Michael J. Wren

Bio coming soon.


Saint WhoJu Callina Slut, Patron Saint of Hidden Doors, Perseverance, & Bar Whores

Messy Panocha

In 2003, there was a great awakening in Dallas, her name was Messy Panocha which culturally translates to Messy "Pussy." Never has Dallas ever experienced  this kind of lady no, not camp but very HIGH CAMP. She is famous for her outrageous wigs, makeup, glitter, and artistic flair, there is no style when it comes to Messy. Messy has performed in front of literally hundreds of folks. She holds titles such as Miss Dragon Lady of the Realm, Miss Leo 2004, Miss Golden Girl 2007, Miss Firecracker 2007, Miss T-Bear 2003, Miss Ho-N One, Miss Charity America second runner up 2007, and Empress 38 of the United Court of the Lone Star Empire. She remains one of the most requested entertainers throughout the year and continues to support the LGBTQ community out of a deep and abiding love and respect for those who have gone before their time.


Saint Ken Yu Repeedat

Jeffrey Payne-Saragoca

effrey Payne says he learned two great life lessons from the women who raised him in a Louisiana orphanage. No. 1, from Ms. Lonnie: Bacon grease makes everything taste good. No. 2, from Ms. Peggy: It's not what you get out of life, it's what you give back." "I didn't have the luxury of a silver spoon life," Payne told The Dallas Morning News. "I have the ability to have empathy and show sympathy. Texas has been good to me."

Payne's biggest lesson, perhaps, is one he learned from himself. The 50-year-old businessman's life has been defined by overcoming obstacles, from an orphanage and foster care to surviving Hurricane Katrina and overcoming odds to develop successful businesses.

In 2005 Katrina struck, and Payne was forced to relocate to Dallas with two dogs and $2,000 in the bank. In Dallas he started a court-reporting business and bought into a nightclub that he now owns outright. He also opened a men's clothing store and is a philanthropist. In 2009 he became International Mister Leather, winning the competition of men who like to dress in provocative leather garments.

"I like to wear leather and I like to ride my bike," Payne told a Bedford group. "I'll remind you, the last governor to put on leather and sit on a Harley and put herself on the cover of Texas Monthly was Ann Richards. The only difference is she wore white leather. I wear black leather."


Saint Ray Velution, Patron Saint of Cocktails, Politics, & Social Justice

Lee Daugherty

Saint Ray is involved in several local political organizations. Such organizations include Take Back Oak Lawn, Stonewall Democrats of Dallas and Democratic Socialists of America. “I’m sure there are others,” Daugherty says. “It’s been a busy last five years.” 

“I believe that everyone,” Daugherty says, “especially in such a neighborhood like Oak Lawn, needs to find a way to, at the minimum, pay attention to what’s going on and maybe find an organization to get involved with.”


Saint Knick Knack Paddy Whack Give A Dog A Home - Patron Saint of Second Chances and Self-Care

Stephen Knight

Founder of Dogs Matter.


Saint Olaf Butter Queen - Patron Saint of Genurkenflurgen Cake, and Eternal Intergalactic Shepherdess To All Fae's Creatures Great And Small

Betty White

Needs no introduction.