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Sister Sasha Cochteze

A WHOREder of puppies, boys, little’s, bears, cubs, otters, and daddies!


I juggle a very busy life. I am a Sister, a founding member of the Texas Puppy Club, as well as part of the first class of the Lone Star boys of Leather. I got into doing community service at a young age, but things really took off in 2008 when I decided to do drag for a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. That was when I dedicated my life to my community. 


I am a fun loving nun who spends her time loving on puppies and giving scritches and playing with bones.

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Big Sister

Sister MaeLynn Hanzment


Sister MaeLynn Hanzment


May 10th, 2015


I was found crying under a stairwell when I wanted my life to just be over because I had just been outed and had lost everything. My mission in life is to let everyone know it gets better. I am often found standing back and observing a crowd. I find that little scared soul in need of a hug or affirming smile.


Little Sisters

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