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Sister Blanche Davidian


April 5, 2020

Sister Truffles Chanterelle

She's a real fun-gi, the fungus amongus if you will. 


II am a sweet confectionery that loves serving my community and raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and eliminating the stigma that is associated with it. I have spent most of my life helping others in some form or fashion and I currently am a caregiver to my uncle, who this year will be 91 years old with severe dementia. I enjoy being a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence and the platform in which they provide services for the community and being a part of something greater than myself.

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When I lived in Orlando, Florida I had a fun persona that I called "Gusha". Gusha would dress up in white face and 80's punk rock make up and wear black suits with feather boas and go out and enjoy the night life. I was approached by members of the community and asked if I was a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. At the time, I only knew of Sister Roma Roma from San Francisco and I wasn't clear of who or what they did. I befriended Sister Roma on Facebook and many years later once I moved to Texas, I found my people. I was invited to attend a meeting and announce my Aspirancy and the rest is "HERSTORY" I elevated to a fully professed Sister April 5,2020 right before Covid 19 swept the world over and I am gradually learning who Truffles Chanterelle is and inspires to become. The world has changed so much and I hope to evolve with it so that I can help others find their purpose as I intend to remind my community that HIV/AIDS isn't over until the last name is spoken that has died from the disease. Blessings Abundant, SISTER TRUFFLES


Little Sisters

Nun so far…


Nun so far…

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