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Sister Victoria N. Cheesus



Big Sister

Sister Bertha Sinn


Sister Bertha Sinn


July 12, 2014


As a person, I am blessed to have a wonderful family; biological and chosen. I realize that not everyone is as "blessed" as I, so want to spread my love and joy to those who are in need of a friend and/or a Sister. 

As a Sister, it is my desire and hope that people will come to me when they need a huge, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to hear their pain, and a friend when they need to laugh and let loose. 

I am a promoter of Safer Sex Choices and pass out condoms and information to those who want them. It is important to protect ourselves and those we care about.

I am a Sister - a Queer Nun! I am here for those who need me AND I am here to stand against those who would hurt the LGBTQ+ community that I love and serve! 

Be Blessed!


Little Sisters and Brothers

Sister Cleo Snatchra (Emeritus), Sister Berna Indi Bush (OKC), Guard Opher Phuxake (Emeritus)


Nun so far...

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